Penta Security Solutions plans, designs, develops and implements appropriate to each customer according to their characteristics and needs solutions.

Software Factory
Custom software development

We offer full-cycle development services for web, mobile and desktop:


Web applications

Desktop applications



We have a team of highly trained professionals in the most advanced techniques of software engineering, international certifications that guarantee our work in the use of tools, technologies and (agile / traditional) methodologies art which facilitate building applications based quality standards.


With an established project management culture, we have achieved 100% project delivery owing to:

  • Ability to work with both detailed and vague project scope
  • Realistic estimation and, thus, staying within budget during implementation
  • Effective resource allocation to lessen risks
  • Being able to apply various software development methodologies
  • Ensuring smooth communication with the Customer and 3rd parties
  • All-round Quality Assurance to guarantee that the application runs as intended


  • SMALL FACTORY: Ideal for companies with specific requirements that need quickly solutions
  • MEDIUM FACTORY: Thought to companies with continuous software developing requirements
  • BIG FACTORY: Structured to implement complex projects

Scrum Sprint Cycle (1-4 weeks)